How can you effectively troubleshoot QuickBooks Error H303?

H-series errors in QuickBooks are associated with multi-user facility. QuickBooks error H303 appears when you try to access your company file in multi-user mode. The error may occur when you host your file through a server and try to access it through a workstation. Usually, it happens due to improper hosting configurations and can be resolved by correcting them. We will discuss the reasons that can cause the error and the troubleshooting methods to deal with it.

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Reasons behind Error H303 in QuickBooks Desktop Pro

You can get the error H303 in QuickBooks Desktop Pro if you try to open the company file on a workstation in multi-user mode. While the error appears mostly because of misconfigured settings, there are other possible reasons too. These have been mentioned below for you:

1. You can get the error while opening the Company file if the Network Data (.ND) files are corrupt.
2. QuickBooks failing to acquire the IP address of the server computer can also cause the error.
3. If your Internet Connection is not stable, it can result in network timeout, causing the error.
4. The firewall settings may block the workstation’s access to the server.
5. Crucial QuickBooks Components such as the Database Server Manager fails to start causing troubles in the multi-user friendly.

Understanding these reasons can help you narrow down the cause for the error in your system. You can then easily decide the troubleshooting method for your error.

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How can you fix the QuickBooks Company File Error H303?

Here we have enumerated for you the various methods to fix the QuickBooks Company file error H303. You can select the methods as per your error to fix the issue:

Method 1: Running the QuickBooks Database Server Manager
1. Close all the running windows of the QuickBooks application.
2. Double-click on the QuickBooks Tool Hub application to open it.
3. Click on the ‘Network Issues’ tab on the left pane.
4. Click on the ‘QuickBooks Database Server Manager’ button.
5. Open your Company file through the ‘Browse’ option.
6. Click on the ‘Start Scan’ button to start scanning the file for issues.
7. It will scan your files for issues and check the components and firewall settings as well.
8. Press the ‘Close’ button when the process completes.

If you could not resolve the issue through the above process, you need to stop the hosting services from workstations.

Method 2: Stop hosting on Workstations
The Server is the computer that stores your file, and workstations are the systems that are used to access the file. If you have hosting turned on for more than one system, QuickBooks can get confused, resulting in the error. Follow the steps:
1. Open QuickBooks on your Workstations.
2. Click on ‘File’ and then ‘Utilities.’
3. Click on ‘Stop Hosting Multi-User Access.’
4. If you get the ‘Host Multi-User Access’ option, leave it.

These steps should help you get rid of the QuickBooks Error H303. If you need further help, contact us at our (855)-526–5749.

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